Source code for trext.api

from trext.extract import server
from import ExtractBuilder
import os

[docs]class Extract(object): """ A Tableau Extract. Provides the endpoint to create and/or publish .tde extracts. Usage: Create an extract >>> import trext >>> tde = trext.Extract() >>> connection_string = "appropriate db connection string" >>> tde.create("db.schema.table", conn_string=connection_string) Created! >>> tde.location /temp/extract.tde Publish to Tableau Server (overwrites existing extract) >>> tableau_auth_details = ("username", "password") >>> publish_details = ("site_content_url", "project_name") >>> tde.publish("tableau server address", auth=tableau_auth_details, params=publish_details) Published! Clean up after create and/or publish >>> tde.close() """ def __init__(self, is_temp=True): """ :param is_temp: True if this is a temporary extract that needs to be deleted after publishing or False if this an extract that needs publishing and not deleting """ self._location = None self._is_temp = is_temp
[docs] def create(self, view_or_table_name, conn_string, dbtype=None): """ Method to create an extract based on a view or a table on a database :param view_or_table_name: view or table to create an extract from :param conn_string: connection string to the database :param dbtype: type of database to connect to :return: `Created!` or `Failed!` message on creation """ # create instance of ExtractBuilder builder = ExtractBuilder() # connect to the db builder.connect_to_db(view_or_table_name, conn_string, dbtype) # build extract for view_or_table and assign path to tde to _location self._location = builder.create_extract() # close connections to database builder.close() return "Created!" if self._location else "Failed!"
@property def location(self): """ :return: location of the .tde file if it was created or set up """ return self._location @location.setter def location(self, tde_path): """ Sets the location of the extract :param tde_path: temporary path set in `ExtractBuilder._build_temp_tdepath` """ self._location = tde_path
[docs] def publish(self, host_address, auth, params): """ Publish to Tableau Server (overwrites existing extract) :param host_address: Address of the Tableau server to publish to :param auth: a tuple of username and password for authentication :param params: currently a typle of two parameters: site to publish to and project name :return: Message on completing publishing """ # create tableau server instance ts = server.Tableau() # extract the details needed to pass to the server username, password = auth site_content_url, project_name = params # connect to the server to a particular site ts.connect(host_address, username, password, site_content_url) # publish tde to project ts.publish(self.location, project_name) # close connection to server ts.close() return "Published!"
[docs] def close(self): """ Clean up on exit. Delete the extract only if temporary flag is True :return: if it is not a temporary extract """ if not self._is_temp: return os.remove(self.location)