Source code for trext.db.fill

from tableausdk.Exceptions import TableauException
from tableausdk.Extract import Row
from tableausdk.Types import Type

from trext.db.utils import format_datetime, format_date, get_fake_date, get_fake_datetime

[docs]class ExtractFiller(object): """ Fills the extract skeleton with cleaned and formatted data. """ def __init__(self, table, table_definition, column_metadata): """ :param table: Tableau table to insert data into :param table_definition: definition of the extract :param column_metadata: the metadata about the columns - the name, position and type of the columns in the view or table type mapped to Tableau SDK types. See `tableausdk.Types.Type` and `trext.db.typemap` for more information. """ self._table = table self._table_definition = table_definition self._column_metadata = column_metadata @staticmethod def _replace_null(col_type, col_data): """ Replaces the null data with values based on type. Eg: 0 if integer and 0.0 if float. If there is no null data then it returns the existing value, col_data. Note: 1. This will need more suitable values as db NULLs are more useful than a replaced value. :param col_type: type of the column to decide what value to replace :param col_data: the value in the column that needs checking :return: cleaned up column_data """ null_replacement_map = { Type.INTEGER: 0, Type.BOOLEAN: False, Type.CHAR_STRING: '', Type.UNICODE_STRING: u'', Type.DATE: get_fake_date(), Type.DATETIME: get_fake_datetime(), Type.DOUBLE: 0.0 } return null_replacement_map.get(col_type) if col_data is None else col_data
[docs] def insert_data_to_extract(self, db_data_row): """ Inserts the data row by row into the tableau extract skeleton :param db_data_row: row from the database """ # Get the row of data to insert insert_row = Row(self._table_definition) # Map the column type to the TDE insert function extract_type_map = { Type.INTEGER: insert_row.setInteger, Type.DOUBLE: insert_row.setDouble, Type.BOOLEAN: insert_row.setBoolean, Type.DATE: insert_row.setDate, Type.DATETIME: insert_row.setDateTime, Type.CHAR_STRING: insert_row.setCharString, Type.UNICODE_STRING: insert_row.setString, } # Iterate through each column of the row to identify the type for column_pos, column_type in self._column_metadata.iteritems(): extract_col_pos_ = column_pos - 1 insert_row.Insert = extract_type_map[column_type] # If there is any NULL data replace with corresponding NULL type data for the field column_data = db_data_row[extract_col_pos_] column_data = self._replace_null(column_type, column_data) # Identify the insert function for the data try: # Date time field if column_type == 13: year, month, day, hour, minute, sec, frac = format_datetime(column_data) insert_row.Insert(extract_col_pos_, year, month, day, hour, minute, sec, frac) # Date field elif column_type == 12: year, month, day = format_date(column_data) insert_row.Insert(extract_col_pos_, year, month, day) # Other fields else: insert_row.Insert(extract_col_pos_, column_data) except TableauException as e: raise e # Insert the row self._table.insert(insert_row) insert_row.close()