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import os
import tempfile

from tableausdk.Extract import Extract, TableDefinition

from trext.db.conn import AnyDB
from trext.db.consume import DBConsumer
from trext.db.fill import ExtractFiller
from trext.extract.utils import get_db_components

[docs]class ExtractBuilder(object): """ Builds the tableau Extract by creating a Tableau Extract, defines the table skeleton, adds the table to the extract and fills this table with the relevant data for the TDE. """ def __init__(self): self._db_type = None self._db_conn = None self._cursor = None self._view_or_table_name = None self._extract = None self.columns = dict() self._db_consumer = None self._tde_path = None def _build_temp_tdepath(self): """ creates a temporary directory and defines the tde path as temp_dir+view_or_table_name.tde """ temp_dir_path = tempfile.mkdtemp() _, __, extract_name = get_db_components(self._view_or_table_name) file_name = "{}.tde".format(extract_name) self._tde_path = os.path.join(temp_dir_path, file_name) def _initialise_extract(self): """ initialises extract with the defined tde path """ self._extract = Extract(self._tde_path) def _build_skeleton(self): """ Gets the columns from the table or view and then auto builds the Tableau table definition - the skeleton of the extract we want to create :return: table_def: Tableau table definition """ table_def = TableDefinition() db_table_columns = self._db_consumer.get_table_definition() for field_name, position, field_type in db_table_columns: table_def.addColumn(field_name, field_type) self.columns[position] = field_type return table_def def _add_table_to_extract(self, table_def): """ Assigns the table definition (skeleton) to the extract :param table_def: the skeleton of the view or table :return: updated tableau `Extract` """ return self._extract.addTable('Extract', table_def) def _fill_extract(self): """ Fills the Extract with data from the view/table """ extract_table_definition = self._build_skeleton() tde_table = self._add_table_to_extract(extract_table_definition) extract_feed = ExtractFiller(tde_table, extract_table_definition, self.columns) for row in self._db_consumer.get_table_data(): extract_feed.insert_data_to_extract(row) self._extract.close()
[docs] def connect_to_db(self, view_or_table_name, conn_string, dbtype=None): """ Connect to the view or table that needs to be turned into a .tde extract :param view_or_table_name: View or Table that needs to be an extract :param conn_string: connection string to the database where the view or table exists :param dbtype: type of db so the right pyodbc wrapper is used to connect """ self._db_conn = AnyDB(conn_string, dbtype) self._cursor = self._db_conn.get_cursor() self._db_type = dbtype self._view_or_table_name = view_or_table_name
[docs] def create_extract(self): """ Creates the extract by - connecting to the database, - building the tde path - initializing the extract - pulling data from db and filling the extract :return: path to the created .tde extract """ self._db_consumer = DBConsumer(self._cursor, self._view_or_table_name, self._db_type) self._build_temp_tdepath() self._initialise_extract() self._fill_extract() return self._tde_path
[docs] def close(self): self._db_conn.close()